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Unity Candle Special Information

Each of these hand carved unity candles is 100% produced by hand!  There are no machines used.  Simple.

In a world of mass produced merchandise, these wedding unity candles stand out as unique and artistic.  Each candle begins as a core of wax which is hand dipped up to thirty times in hot wax.  The warmed candle is then skillfully hand sculptured in the twists, scrolls, and hearts, depending on design.

Finally a coat of high gloss gives the candle a protective finish which is easily cleaned with cold water or a feather duster.  The recessed, replaceable tea light candle featured on most styles allows the candle to be burned again and again without destroying the delicate design.  This is perfect for burning your special candle during anniversaries, etc.

Skilled candle artisans take great pride in their workmanship, signing the bottom of each of their creations.  We hope this unique candle will serve as a cherished memento for years to come.

Click here for more information on the actual candle lighting ceremony.

Unity Candle Holder SetUnity Candle Holder Information

Several unity candle holders are available.  There are two methods you may choose when considering a unity holder.  First, do you want a single piece holder, designed to hold all three candles?

Or do you want three separate holders?  Usually one pillar holder, and two tapered candle holders.

Silk Flower RingUnity Candle Silk Flower Ring Information
(For both center unity candle and side candles)

At this time we only offer a premium candle ring set in white (due to reasons beyond our control).  They can be found by clicking here.  These rings are guaranteed to add a lovely touch to your unity set.

Unity Candle Side CandlesUnity Candle Side Candle Information
(Look here if you came to this page from a center unity candle link)

Once you have selected the unity candle, selecting the additional accessories is easy.
First, decide if you want the simple tapered candles (White 8", White 10", White 12", Off White 8", Off White 10", Off White 12").
Or the hand carved matching side candles. (White or Off White (Ivory)).

*Note: In this particular case, off white and ivory are color terms used interchangeably.  This is not normally the case when referring to these colors.


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