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Small Aromatherapy Saucer CandleSmall Swan Creek Candles
(2 Wicks, 11-13 Hour Burn Time)

Made with essential oils, these aromatherapy candles are sure to exceed your expectations (as we always try to do!).  You know you've got a great candle when it smell strong through the wrapping!!  These candles are great both for aromatherapy or just to create a perfect atmosphere.
Available in:
Lavender - Patchouli - Eucalyptus Tea

Extra Scented Fruit Jar CandlesSmall Fruit Jar Gel Candles
(Over 50 Hours Burning Time)

Like the tantalizing aroma of fresh fruit preserves simmering on your Grandma's stove, the delicious scents of these great candles will make your mouth water!  Colorful wax fruit pieces float in super scented, extra long burning gel wax.  A thin layer of wax seals the top of the candle to further preserve it!  If you think these candles smell great when unlit, wait until you burn one!
Available In:
Strawberry Jam - Crabapple Preserves - Blueberry Jam - Cranberry Orange - Orange Marmalade - Fresh Pears - Green Apple Jelly - Cucumber Melon - Fruit Cocktail - Mixed Berries - Peach Preserves - Very Cherry -  Fresh Melon - Strawberry Banana - Lemon Lime - Pear Apple

Muffin CandlesMuffin Candles

Our muffin candles looks so real you'll be tempted to put on the coffee!
Available In:
Banana Nut - Blueberry - Carrot - Cinnamon Apple - Cranberry - Pecan Vanilla

Hidden Pin & Treasure CandlesHidden Pin Candles
Like greeting cards, Hidden Pin Candles are affordable, yet unique, gifts for any occasion.  Each candle has a pin hidden inside.  An appropriate message for the occasion or thought behind the gift is printed on the tag of each candle.  After the hidden pin is revealed through the melting wax, extinguish the flame and carefully retrieve the pin.
Available In:
Hidden Angel Pin Candle - Hidden Guardian Angel Pin Candle - Hidden Cross Of Hope Pin Candle - Hidden "I Love Mom" Pin Candle - Hidden "Happy Birthday" Pin Candle - Hidden "I Love You" Pin Candle - Hidden Teddy Bear Pin Candle

Pegged Rose CandlesPegged Rose Candles
These marvelous candles fit any "standard" (7/8") candle holder!  Then take a look here for a nice holder to go with it! 


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