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Welcome to's "The Candle Burning Guide"

Hints, Ideas, Burning Instructions, Safeguards, and Much More! There are a countless number of candles available today. We hope that with this guide you will be able to enjoy all of them to their fullest, in a safe, fun, and brilliant setting!
Please remember: Never leave a burning candle unattended!

This guide provides a vast amount of information, perhaps more than most would think is involved in candle burning.   This information will be updated regularly as visitors ask new questions!

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The Candle Burning Guide - FAQGeneral candle questions?
Also known as FAQs (Frequently asked questions)  This section can help you determine why your candle may be smoking, or not burning as you anticipated!  A good place to start when you just don't know where to go!

The Candle Burning Guide - Burning ProblemsCandle burning problems?
Do you have a candle that doesn't appear to be burning correctly?   Crackling sounds? Will not stay lit?  Go here for help!

The Candle Burning Guide - Care, Hint, MythsCandle care, Hints, and Myths
This section may clear up some ideas that really do more harm than good!   Also a great source for all candle burners from beginners to experts!

The Candle Burning Guide - Tapered CandlesTapered Candles
These traditional candles (also known as dinner table candles) are designed to provide you with brilliant yet, wonderful atmosphere!  Browse around here for hints and ideas!

The Candle Burning Guide - Scented CandlesScented Candles
Filling a room or perhaps an entire home with the delightful array of fragrances isn't always as easy as it seems.  Browse around here for some ideas and hints!

The Candle Burning Guide - Center Burning CandlesCandles designed to burn down the center
Preserving the exterior, creating a refillable "well" into which a tea-light or votive can be placed.  This isn't always as easy as following the directions on the bottom of the candle.  Click here for more!

The Candle Burning Guide - Container CandlesContainer Candles
Container Candles... Jars, Tins, Pots, and More!

The Candle Burning Guide - Votive CandlesVotive Candles
These little candles have a lot to offer! 

The Candle Burning Guide - And more...Floating candles, smoker's candles, and more...
An assortment of interesting information... take a look!

The Candle Burning Guide - Contact UsStill Need Help?
Contact us!  We will be only too glad to help, and rest assured that others have the same question(s) as you!   Don't be surprised when you see your question addressed in one of the above areas!!


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