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The Candle Burning Guide - Smoker's Candles, Floating Candles... and More!

Question: What does a smoker's candle do?

You light it and the person will never smoke again!  No, not really.  Although some would probably love it!  A smoker's candle is a heavily scented candle, usually consisting of wood and citrus oils in a blend.  These oils tend to neutralize most odors very efficiently.

Question: I hear and see a lot about floating candles.   What are they, and how do they work?  Do I need anything special for them to float?

Floating candles create a mood that is unsurpassed in beauty when it comes to candles.  They provide a brilliant combination of flame and the reflection of water. 

Floating candles are simply candles that have been shaped in such a way so they maintain their buoyancy even as they burn.  There is nothing special about the wax, as ALL wax will float in water (it is lighter than water molecularly).  You need no special tools or equipment to partake in the beauty of these candles.

One thing to remember is to always use a container that will not permit the flame to come in contact directly with the glass.  For example, a fish bowl is not a good idea because the opening at the top is significantly narrower than the middle.  Thus the flame may come in contact with the side of the bowl and cause the bowl to crack.  Remember, "use an open top" bowl!

The ideas that can be combined with floating candles are limitless!  Everything from simply adding food coloring to the water, to utilizing colored glass beads at the bottom!

Enjoy them!  Floating candles are truly a wonderful product! And can be found here.

Question: I have been hearing a lot about aromatherapy, and the benefits of different scented candles.  I would like to know more about this!

Simply stated, aromatherapy is the use of specific fragrances with the intent to achieve a specified result.  For example, it is practiced that the scent of lavender may aid in relaxing, or the scent of eucalyptus may alleviate congestion.  Clearly there is some relationship among the body, mind and fragrance.  The simplest way to illustrate this is to think about your favorite pie.  Think about walking in the door, after a long hard day, and smelling that pie, fresh, just out of the oven!  How does it make you feel?  Good or bad, it made you feel!

This chart may help you choose the best aromatherapy techniques.

Aromatherapy Fragrance Chart

Fragrance Geranium Lavender Lemon Grass Patchouli Rosemary Citrus Clove Tangerine
Stress Relief X X       X  
PMS X X     X    
Calming     X X     X
Relaxation X X   X      
Fatigue X X X   X X  
Balancing X X             
Invigorating     X    X X X
Headaches X X      X    
Depression       X X X X
Sensual        X X    

Try it!  They work, and they smell wonderful!


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