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The Candle Burning Guide - Scented Candles

Question: Why do some scented candles smell so good in the store and then when I take them home and burn them they don't smell at all, or very little?

Ok, yes, this happens, and all too often as a matter of fact!

Candles are scented, for the most part, with scented oil.   This oil is what is added to wax that gives the wax, and thus the candle it's scent.  The scented oil is by far the single most expensive ingredient in the manufacturing of candles.  As a result, candle manufacturers look to cut costs by adding as little oil as is possible.  The less oil added, the less the candle costs to make.

OK!  Great, but how can I tell which is going to smell the strongest?

Well, the answer is, it depends!

First, keep in mind that different smells have different levels of potency.  For example, a hyacinth plant tends to be very aromatic, even in a small quantity, while a strawberry would require a great many in number to reach the same aromatic level.  In other words, if you have one small hyacinth plant and a huge basket of strawberries in a room, yet you will simply smell the hyacinth in abundance.

Now, keep this in mind when smelling a candle.  If you smell a candle, and it smells just right to your nose when it isn't burning, it most likely will not smell stronger than that when it burns!  Thus you would have to walk around with the candle under your nose to enjoy that level of scent.  You'd look funny!

Now, if you smell a candle that isn't burning, and it almost smells too, too strong... then.  BINGO!  That's the one!  In other words, would you rather have a tractor trailer of strawberries dumped at your house, or just a small basket of "special" extra aromatic berries?

Basic Hint:  Too strong to your nose when burning is good.  "Just right" to your nose when not burning will most likely produce inadequate results.

And just for the record, candles that are outrageously expensive may not be any stronger than an appropriately priced candle.  Don't be fooled into spending more!  Buy what you like, and always try new scents.  You will be surprised how many different versions of a certain scent you may find... try mixing them!

Question: I bought a candle and I don't like the scent.   What can I do so I don't waste such a lovely candle?

Believe it or not, you can still enjoy this candle, and even perhaps find a delightful new scent!  We recommend burning another candle next to the one you weren't thrilled with!  For example, let's say you purchased a cinnamon, and to your surprise, it wasn't to your liking, or perhaps a member of your household's liking.   How about making it "Apple Pie" instead!!?  Simple, light an apple scented candle next to it!  Try it!  It works!

This can be done in hundreds of combinations!


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