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Novelty Candles

You won't find a larger selection of figurine novelty candles! Animal candles such as dog candles and cat candles along with many others!  As well as wizard, dragon, baby and angel candles... and that's only to name a few!

Castle CandleWhimsical Candles
Searching for a candle in the shape of a dragon, wizard, castle, pegasus, or unicorn?  We have them! - Just to name a few from our whimsical candle selection!  How about a gargoyle candle?
Dragon Candles
Wizard Candles
Unicorn Candles
Castle Candles
Pegasus Candles
Gargoyle Candles

Cat Candles & Dog CandlesCat Candles and Dog Candles
Look at our vast selection of dog candles as well as our cat candles!  We're certain you'll find something perfect for any dog or cat lover.  Nobody has more dog candles and cat candles than we do!

Dog Candles Cat Candles  

Dancer CandleGracious Curve Candles
Dancer, swan, fairy, clown, love bird and dove candles.  As well as other beautiful choices!

Dancer Couple Candles
Swan Candles
Dove & Love Bird Candles Fairy Candles
Clown Candles

Animal CandlesAnimal Candles & More Animal Candles!
Vast selection of animal candles to choose from in the shape of a frog, turtle, snake, pig, and rabbit, not to mention our horse, elephant, panther, bird, dolphin, and deer candles, and many many more!

Frog & Toad Candles
Snake Candles
Rabbit Candles
Pig Candles
Horse Candles
Elephant Candles
Panther Candles
Butterfly Candles
Owl Candles
Flamingo Candles
Cockatoo Candles
Eagle Candles
Alligator Candles
Octopus Candles
Wolf Candles
Hippopotamus Candles
Dolphin Candles
Turtle Candles
Koala Candles
Buffalo Candles
Camel Candles
Fox Candles
Giraffe Candles
Cow Candles
Deer Candles

Cherub and Angel CandlesPeace & Love Candles
Religious, cherub, heart, and angel candles, including other wonderful selections! 

Wine Bottle Candles
Heart Candles
Religious Candles Angel & Cherub Candles

Baby & BIrthday Candle SelectionFor Birthdays & Baby Candles
Baby bottle, moon man, teddy bear, and 21 year birthday candles
And that's just to name a few!

Baby Bottle Candles
1st to 21st Birthday Candles
Moon Man Candles Teddy Bear Candles

Train & Plane Candles, and more!Planes, Trains, and well, you know!
Need a candle in the shape of a train, a plane, or more?

Oriental CandlesThe Orient Candles
All wonderfully detailed, these Buddha, old age man, and others are among this fine Oriental candle collection and can be found right here!

Music CandlesMusic Candles
How about a treble clef candle or a music note candle?  These make a perfect gift for the music lover.  Take a look!

Western & Southwestern CandlesWestern & Southwestern Candles
Trying to find a cowboy hat candle or perhaps a cactus candle?

Pegged Rose CandlesPegged Rose Candles
Our pegged roses are one of our most popular items!  This marvelous candle will fit any "standard" (7/8") candle holder! - Take a look at all the colors!