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Novelty Candles - Animal Candles and More Animal Candles!

Frog & Toad CandlesFrog Candles & Toad Candles
If you are looking for a candle in the shape of a frog or toad -- look no further!

Snake CandlesSnake Candles

Rabbit CandlesRabbit Candles
These adorable bunny candles, complete with bow, are a perfect selection!

Pig CandlesPig Candles
Sitting pigs or happy standing pigs, we're sure you'll love these pig candles!

Horse CandlesHorse Candles
Our horse candles pay particular attention to detail, take a look!

Elephant CandlesElephant Candles
Elephant candles are often thought to bring luck into the home.  We think you'll like them both for luck and beauty.

Panther CandlesPanther Candles
Sleek and smooth, our panther candles make and excellent gift or conversational item.

Butterfly CandlesButterfly Candles
Floating butterfly candles, or a lovely mixed pastel butterfly candle, you won't be disappointed with our butterfly candle selection!

Owl CandlesBird Candles
When it comes to bird candles, you won't find a better selection.
Owl Candles - Flamingo Candles - Cockatoo Candles - Eagle Candles

Dolphin CandlesDolphin Candles
Whether you are looking for a small single dolphin candle or a leaping pair of dolphin candle, we're certain we will satisfy any dolphin lover!

Turtle CandlesTurtle Candles
Take a look at our adorable turtle candles!

Still Need More Animal Candles?  Ok!  Here's more!

Koala Candles
Buffalo Candles
Camel Candles
Cow Candles
Deer Candles
Rooster Candles
Fox Candles
Giraffe Candles
Alligator Candles
Octopus Candles
Wolf Candles
Hippopotamus Candles