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Cat Candles & Dog Candles

Cat CandlesCat Candles
You want cat candles?  We have cat candles!  These adorable cat and kitten candles are sure to please any cat lover!.

Dog CandlesDog Candles
We've got the most breeds at the best prices you can find anywhere!  Go ahead an take a look, these doggies will win your heart!
Available In:
Scottie Candle - Shar-pei Candle - Cocker Spaniel Candle - Dachshund Candle - Hound Candle - Pekingese Candle - Poodle Candle - Retriever Candle - Puppy Candle - Terrier Candle - Yorkshire Terrier Candle - Pomeranian Candle - Irish Setter Candle - Lasha Apso Candle - Afgan Hound Candle - Boxer Candle - Labrador Retriever Candle - Dalmatian Candle - Bulldog Candle