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Romantic Floating Candles (Not Wax Floating Candles!)
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Water candles are a delightful way to provide a soft, soothing light. The following shows you how to prepare your Water Candles.

Step One >
Shape the wick between thumb and finger to ensure cylindrical shape before placing the wick in the float as shown.

< Step Two
Pour water into a glass container of your choice to the desired height.  Then pour salad oil gently on top of the water (the oil will float on top of the water) - be gentle.  No more than 1/2" or 1 cm of oil should be used.  A lot less will still last a very long time - you'll be surprised how efficient these are!  Ensure that the wick is below the rim of the glass and therefore sheltered from drafts as well as possible.  The water may be colored with food coloring!  The effect is magical, particularly if you use glass, or crystal!

Step Three
Be careful to choose a glass which does not overhand the flame.  If the flame comes in contact with the glass, the glass could crack!

Step Four
Gently place the float (with your wick inserted from step one) on the surface of your oil and allow a few seconds for the wick to absorb the oil.  Now light the wick carefully avoiding contact between the flame and the float.  Hold the match horizontally with tweezers if you have them available, for a perfect lighting in deep glasses!

Step Five
Each water candle wick should last at least 10 hours provided there is sufficient oil to fuel it; but we would advise changing the wick after each burning session since the float and glass will probably be cleaned anyway.

Some Notes
We recommend pure corn oil, blended vegetable oils, or olive oil.  Although water candles are odorless when burning, oils of Sandalwood, Lavender or certain other scented oils may be added to the salad oil to create a pleasant aroma!  -- Remember ONLY vegetable oils must be used for Water Candles, you must NEVER use any form of lamp oil or petroleum based fluids... and remember, a candle of any kind is not a toy!  Always use extreme care!

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